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I.K. Panel (M) Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian plywood manufacturer that utilizes sustainable raw materials to manufacture plywood.

The history of the company traces back to 1988. I.K. Panel was started in 2006 with a goal by transforming oil palm trunks into plywood. Since then, I.K. Panel has been a leading Palm plywood supplier in Malaysia.

Our plywood has been tested, and we primarily supply plywood for concrete formworks, wooden pallet packaging, furniture manufacturers and sofa manufacturer etc.   

We serve both local and export markets.

We welcome partnership and collaboration from plywood distributors/traders, hardware companies, contractors from construction sites, furniture manufacturers, sofa manufacturers, and GREEN product advocators, etc!  

Backgrounds on– Palm plywood or Oil Palm Trunk plywood
Given the shortage of timber logs and stricter logging rules and regulations, Palm plywood is a potential replacement for timber. Palm plywood also refers to as Oil Palm Trunk plywood. In Malaysia, there is an abundance of Oil Palm trees, which are due to replantation as the trees have reached its lifespan and can no longer produce its fruit.  

Why is Palm plywood green and environment friendly?

√ Using Palm plywood helps reduce air pollution as it helps solve problems of Oil Palm Trunks being left to burn or decay in the
plantation areas.
√ Studies show that leaving the trunks without decomposing may cause consequences such as stem stiffness, insect attacks, and the structure
of the replanted oil palm tree. Therefore, utilizing the Oil Palm trunk to make plywood prevents soil from contamination.
√ Oil Palm trees have an economic life of 25-30 years. Felling is recognized and necessary for replanting.
√ Palm Plywood is considered as biomass product. Some refer to the name as “by-product” because it is the organic waste that not necessarily be wasted but has potential usage.











Advantage of Palm Plywood or O.P.T Plywood:

Green, Lightweight, Easy to work, Non-crackable, Treated, Effective & Economical


News link on Oil Palm Trunk Plywood:

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